Female Fitness Classes Continues into 2021

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Our popular fitness programs have been running for years, and we’re pleased to announce that they will continue throughout 2021.

Classes are held virtually until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and it is safe to hold physical activities. We have adapted our program successfully with 20+ women who attend regularly. Our instructor, Diane Thompson, has done a wonderful job in keeping the program lively and fun for all participants.

If you would like to register for this program please contact us at info@amacentre.ca


  1. Thank you Dianne for being so professional and dedicated in each class to help us get physically fit.
    May God bless you

  2. My name is Ayan and I would like to know how one could register for the female fitness classes. My email is ayanabdul5@gmail.com and my phone number is 613-410-3774. I would love to participate in this kind of fitness class as it would benefit my overall health.

  3. Assalamualaikum
    I would request to continue the online zoom sessions, it kept us connected with the masjid and also it was good for Muslim ladies like me, who are looking for fitness classes at home setting . I have been missing Dianne, and all sisters, everyone was each others strength to continue their efforts towards healthy life, and Dianne is a special person indeed..positive and motivating!
    please please I beg the admin to resume the online fitness classes.
    I live in Cornwall and the commute is tough twice a week if it gets in person so even if the gym starts in person, kindly broadcast on zoom as well. I was extremely sad that we are not resuming this summer. This has negatively impacted me, demotivated me, and my health issues are returning. with the pandemic going on, still we need mental support as well. This exercise program was working very well allhamdullilah.
    kindly look at this request.
    jazakumAllah !
    from Cornwall .

    1. Author

      Hello dear Mahwish, we have good news to share with you. Woman’s Fitness classes are starting next week,
      each Tuesday and Thursday.

      Dates: Tues September 21 till Thurs October 28

      Time: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

      Instructor: Dianne Thompson

      Location: Online via Zoom

      Cost: $24 for 12 classes (that’s only $2 per class)

      Registration link: https://events.mymasjid.ca/e/322/womens-evening-fitness-class

      If you have any questions, you may contact us at sisters@mymasjid.ca

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