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The Latest Update from our Weekly Seniors Program

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For many years, the seniors program at the AMA Community Centre has been one of the most important programs we offer.

What Is the Seniors Program?

The program is aimed at seniors to help them remain active, get to know others of the same age group, learn new skills and knowledge, and have a great time. It enriches the seniors’ experience whenever they participate in the program. 

It started with face-to-face interaction at our Community Centre for years, but it became virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program takes place every Wednesday at 10:00 AM, and there are over 70 participants who attend the program.

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What Activities Do They Do?

There are different activities that have been happening in the program. 

  1. There are fitness classes that help seniors to improve their physique. 
  2. There are English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for members who want to improve their proficiency in the English language. 
  3. There are also financial classes to give seniors useful ideas about how to invest their money in the right places. 
  4. There are mental health and physical health lectures that teach seniors about different issues they can face and how to address them.

How Much Benefit Are They Getting from the Program?

The seniors are gaining a lot of benefit from the program. They get to learn about several issues that are happening around their community, focus on their wellbeing, and learn new skills that they can implement in their life. They get to exercise and improve their mental and physical health. They also get to socialize during the program which has a good impact on them as isolation is becoming a greater issue for our seniors.

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What Do They Say About the Program?

“A great program that tends to the needs of seniors to connect with the community during these hard times. The cooking show is wonderful, and the motivational talk is great. Seniors face more stress, and this is a greatly appreciated effort. We wish we could have more of these meetings.”Mona

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“The program is very useful and has lots of varieties.  I am enjoying all the activities. I hope that it will continue in the future.”Asma
“Thank you very much! It is a nice and a great program for seniors that tends to their needs.”Abdelhamid

We, at the AMA Community Centre, would like to express our sincere gratitude toward United Way for supporting our program.

We would also like to thank all the participants and all the volunteers for making the program such an amazing one.

If anyone is interested in joining our seniors program, please visit our events page to sign up.

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