Annual Report to our Community

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Patience. Resilience. Strength of character. These words capture the hard work, emotional toil, and adversity we all experienced during this unprecedented time in our lives.

This past year has shown us that no one can succeed on their own. We all need to rely on each other; through our families, neighbourhoods, and the greater community.

When we band together, we can overcome all odds. Change is inevitable – but how we respond to it is what matters. We are proud of the resilience our community has shown with the emergence of COVID-19 and all other challenges that this past year presented to us. You have truly inspired our team.

Through the two arms of AMA – the Mosque of Mercy and AMA Community Centre – our team continued to work hard to serve your needs with the limitations this pandemic placed on us. 

Below we have highlights from our annual report with links to the full report down below:

You can read this year’s annual report in the link below:

Read the PDF Version


Or you can check out the interactive version below:


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