A Virtual Multicultural Bazaar for the Whole Family

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AMA hosted a special event recently on Friday, July 23. It was our FIRST virtual multicultural event and bazaar.

What made this bazaar unique from our past bazaars wasn’t just that it was virtual. In addition to browsing and purchasing goods from vendors, we also provided a multicultural exhibition of 15 countries! The exhibitions contained cultural videos where participants learned and got to appreciate the diversity in Canada.

To make the event complete for the whole family, we had an online field trip for children and a family trivia contest. The questions for the trivia contest were based on the cultural exhibitions, so participants needed to visit each country’s page if they wanted to succeed in the trivia!

And course, what good is a bazaar without a variety of shops to buy from. It was a one stop shop for a wide variety of quality products; from clothing, accessories, food and more for all ages.

We had 120 attendees for our online trip and family trivia. We also had 1100 website pageviews of the virtual bazaar, including both the vendors and the cultural exhibits.

This wonderful program was funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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