Community Highlights #1

AMA Community Highlight Series #1

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AMA has been offering its community members numerous programs and services. There are members who have been coming to the Centre from all parts of the city especially in Ottawa South where we are located. We asked a group of its members about their input on the Centre.

I interviewed 3 members and asked them about their participation in AMA programs or services, any particular program or service they find amazing and the impact of the Centre on their life.

Their names were Ismail, Ahmed, and Khalid.

  • Ismail is an entrepreneur.
  • Ahmed is a university student.
  • Khalid works in the private sector.

Below are the highlights of what they said.

Participation in AMA Programs or Services

Many of the AMA Community Centre members participate in its programs or activities. 

Ismail said that: “I participated in some of the youth activities when I was in my teens which were a lot of fun. There was a lot of recreation; jumping and laughing. There were a variety of sports. It included summer camps and soccer activities among many others.” 

These activities will make the youngsters better persons when they grow up. They will learn different skills on how to become good leaders and great team players.

Ahmed also said that: “They have good engagement for the youth, and it is a unique program. They are pretty great.” 

AMA Community Centre targets the youth in the community to make them more active. It will lead to making them stronger when they grow up.

Any Particular Program or Service by AMA You Found That Was Amazing

There are many programs and services that are offered at its facility.

Ismail mentioned: “Something started in the last two weeks which were the testing and vaccination clinics. AMA through its COVID-19 relief efforts is constantly in communication with different partners around the city including public health, hospitals and other places. They can get tested for COVID-19 instead of walking, driving or busing to go somewhere far away. It went well. We have had a few sessions that take place every Tuesday and Thursday. The response has been great. It felt nice to see lots of people coming to the community centre and using that service. Also, in the past week, the Centre opened the vaccination clinic. With the collaboration with Ottawa Public Health and others, they are allowing residents who are eighty years or older to come and get vaccinated. It is also so nice to see people, who have never been to the Centre, come and take advantage of this free service. The Centre aims to benefit the community.”

It is crucial to have these two clinics during the pandemic. People can use these important services to protect themselves from COVID-19. 

The Impact of AMA Community Centre on Its Members’ Life:

The impact of the Centre on its community members has been great. 

Khalid remarked: “Before COVID-19, I used to bring my young son here to just run around. It has brought meaning to my family’s life. My wife and two sons think of this Centre as their home. It is more (like) home than my own home.” 

It is great to hear these amazing comments from our community members.

Ahmed said that: “The Centre has that positive impact on someone’s life. I go there to engage in different activities even though I do not live in the area.” 

Many members from different parts of the city come to enjoy different programs that the Centre has to offer. 

Ismail added: “The Centre helped me with my self-discipline, becoming more engaged with the community. It helped in shaping the man I am today.”

AMA Community Centre tries to teach leadership skills to its young members so that they can benefit the community they live in.

We would like to thank the participants in this special highlights article, as well as all of the AMA community members from all over the city.

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