About AMA Community Centre.

The AMA Community Centre is a not-for-profit organization that provides social services and community development support to diverse communities in South Ottawa.

Who we are.

AMA was registered as a charity in 2004. AMA Community Centre is one of the two main projects of AMA. The Centre is a non-profit organization that serves all communities in Ottawa South from new immigrants and Canadians to refugees, people of diverse cultural backgrounds and all faiths. The AMA Centre started its operations in the new physical space in Hunt club in 2016. The Centre has grow grown exponentially in terms of programs and services offered, staffing, volunteers and community members served.

The Centre is governed by AMA board of Directors and has several volunteer committees to guide the staff in strategies and direction related to each program area. Some of the key committees are:






& Awareness Committee




Our vision is to develop a stronger, caring, and healthy community.


The AMA Centre partners with others to support individuals and communities in achieving and maintaining strong and vibrant communities.


AMA Centre uses programs and activities, education and awareness, research and evaluation, and advocacy as key strategies to achieve its objectives.


AMA Centre works in partnership with other organizations and residents to develop holistic and integrated approach to addressing local and broader issues.

What we offer.

Services the AMACC offers include, but are not limited to:

  • Offering individual short-term counselling to individuals and families in crisis;
  • Helping parents learn to raise a more confident children and youth;
  • Organizing opportunities for seniors to interact socially;

  • Providing information, resources and referrals to refugees and new Canadians;
  • Providing services to assist seniors to live more independently;
  • Working with residents to take back their neighbourhoods;
  • Providing youth safe space and programming during after school hours;

  • Offering teens a place to learn new skills and connect with their peers; and
  • Providing community development and health promotion services that focus on addressing and raising awareness of the social determinants of health such as income, poverty, education, transportation, environment, isolation and social exclusion.