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United for All – A Coalition for Change

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United for All is a coalition that addresses hate, violence, and extremism in the nation’s capital. Community leaders came together a few years ago to form this coalition to prevent these incidents from happening in our beloved city.

What Does United for All Do?

According to the coalition’s website:

We aim to create a city-wide plan that enables us to secure investment for critical programs that address the root causes of hate and violence. Our long-term goal is to build social resilience, working together to support education, advocacy, research, institutional change.United for All

It is important to have United for All in our city to help it become a safer place to live.

Who Is Involved?

Over 45 organizations are involved in this coalition. They come from different sectors: community centres, relief organizations, charities, public service, etc. One of these organizations is yours truly, the AMA Community Centre.

These organizations contribute towards the cause in their own unique ways based on their expertise, experience and area of focus. With these solid contributions, we can make our city protected again.

We appreciate being involved in the United for All’s efforts make Ottawa a city free from hate, violence, and extremism.

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