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How Did COVID-19 Impact the AMA Community?

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There are many programs that run at AMA Community Centre. These programs include weekly activities, weekend workshops, fitness classes, senior gatherings and many other programs.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, the management at AMA Community Centre stopped all of the physical portions of these programs, but that did not include the online programs. COVID-19 not only impacted the access to the Centre but also the running of these programs.

Access to the Centre

The Centre was closed completely at the beginning of the pandemic to keep everyone safe. A college student who attends the Centre regularly said, “The access of the [Centre] was completely shut, while other services were still open with governmental regulations.”

When the situation in the Province of Ontario improved in June, the Centre reopened its doors to the community. There were important steps to be taken to enter the Centre such as wearing a face mask while maintaining the social distance of six feet apart between the attendees.

Another student who goes to Carleton University said, “The access to the [Centre] has become very tiresome. The precautions that are put in place are a necessity to the safety of the attendees.” The attendees feel that these guidelines are a burden on them as they are used to come to the Centre without them before the pandemic. Not to mention the hard breathing through the face mask.

Nonetheless, these steps are important to keep everyone safe.

The Delivery of the Physical and the Online Programs at the Centre

The AMA Centre’s management cancelled all of the physical programs in March to avoid the spread of the virus to the public. A community member stated, “physical programs either stopped being held or were transitioned into online programs. More online programs are being offered than before.”

Despite the running of the online programs only, the AMA Community Centre still hopes that its programs will go back to normal in the near future. However, not only is the Centre doing a great job during the pandemic to still offer online programs, but the spirit of the AMA Community is strong.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 impacted the AMA Community Centre through the access to the Centre itself and its physical and online programs. The team of staff and volunteers is doing a great job to follow the rules and regulations that were set by the Ottawa Public Health in order to make sure that everyone is safe.

Let us keep it that way.

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