2019 Annual Report to our Community

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Together, we achieved new milestones thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, donors, staff, and partners. With your help, we are building vibrant neighbourhoods together with other service providers and community leaders.  With your help, we’re developing more support services in the neighbourhoods we serve, connecting residents to services and resources. 

Through the two arms of our organization – the Mosque of Mercy and AMA Community Centre – we expanded upon our strengths to create significant change.

The work we have accomplished together over the past year is remarkable. Whether you were a volunteer, donor, partner, or community member you will appreciate the progress we made together to build a better community for us all. We leveraged our partnerships, resources, and platform to evolve ourselves to meet the new challenges we faced together.

As this annual report will show, the contribution you made is truly making a difference in the lives of many people. You can click on the image below to read this year’s annual report.



  1. With the Help of Allah you may make more progress in all spheres of your activities beneficial both to Muslim and all your neighbours and Canadian at large.

  2. This masjed is my second home ,I appreciate all the efforts of those working on it ,religious lectures and seminars are very useful , in addition to the cleanliness of the masjed and the facilities provided ,may Allah bless those working on it , thank you for every thing .

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